Our Story

Lock-down, 2020. Nial is stuck at a cluttered kitchen table completing an MSc. Caleb is confined to his sofa while working on getting a fintech start-up off the ground.

Two equally precarious workspaces that simply didn’t, well, work.

The main problem: how would they get their hands on a well-designed, high quality desk without it costing the earth?

The answer? They couldn’t. So Caleb and Nial got together and created noukk to provide simple and sustainable furniture so others could up their WFH game.


Nial graduated from Newcastle University School of Architecture in 2017. He began his career in a Specialist Conservation Architect’s office before moving to a leading London-based Design & Build company, which specialised in the improvement of residential dwellings.

During his time in the construction industry Nial became alarmed by the relentless environmental impact that construction continues to inflict. He therefore resigned from his role as Architectural Designer and began studying a Masters degree in Sustainability and Adaptation in the Built Environment. Nial plans to use this newly acquired knowledge of sustainability concepts to efficiently operate noukk.


Caleb has a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Management followed by multiple years working in investment banking, and is currently working in fintech.

Extensive travelling in South America sparked his passion as an environmentalist after witnessing first-hand the scale of destruction to ecosystems in the Amazon Basin. 

His attitude towards sustainability has since been ever-growing, helping spur the initial idea of noukk, believing a difference needs to be made in an industry that produces excessive waste and pollution - home furniture.