Plant Trees As You Shop: Noukk’s New Partnership With C-Free

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We know it and you know it – The Earth is getting warmer and we need to wake up.

Global warming is largely caused by a group of gases known as ‘greenhouse gases’ such as methane, nitrous oxide, fluorinated gases and carbon dioxide. Of these, carbon dioxide is overwhelmingly the most regularly emitted. Burning fossil fuels and waste and chemical reactions involved in manufacturing all lead to carbon dioxide being emitted. To give you an idea, in 2018, carbon dioxide accounted for 81% of global greenhouse gas realised.  

This figure is no doubt on the rise, and therefore there is a real need to try and balance our carbon emissions with processes that remove it from our atmosphere. This is where carbon offsetting comes in.

What Is Carbon Offsetting?

The main aim of carbon offsetting is to hit ‘net zero’, meaning a company or group of people is neutral in terms of their carbon use.

This is usually done by funding projects that reduce green house gas emissions, for example wind farms or reforestation projects. Whilst a business may be based in one country, the offsetting is often done elsewhere. It’s less about the location and more about balancing the carbon in the world’s atmosphere as a whole.

It should be noted that carbon offsetting is not going to solve the climate crisis. However, it is a crucial step in the right direction. The corporate world taking responsibility for lowering carbon emissions can only be a good thing.

What are we doing?

Sustainability is a part of our DNA at noukk. So, we are now working with carbon offsetting company C-Free. They choose the very best projects to fund, all of which are Gold Standard accredited and have sustainable development goals alongside the carbon they offset.

Since noukk products are made of wood, we have decided to contribute to their  mangrove reforestation programme at the Antsanitia Mangrove Site, Madagascar (here's some more information on why mangroves are so great).

Our goal is to help leave behind more wood than we started with, and so we are now promising to plant five trees for every WFH desk that is purchased. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, effectively removing it from our atmosphere.

What we love about this project is that it is not only about carbon offsetting. There are also ‘co-benefits’ that go beyond this. The project involves biodiversity protection and ecosystem restoration, meaning it will be great for wildlife and protected species. It will also create jobs in the local area, which C-Free believe is instrumental in putting a stop to child labour.

Is Carbon Offsetting Enough?

In short, the answer is no. Environmental experts believe that to truly care for the planet, businesses must first focus on emitting less carbon in the first place and reducing their environmental impact. Carbon offsetting should be secondary to this.

It is for this reason that our entire business model revolves around the environment. We believe in having an eco-friendly business plan first, and offsetting second.

Our plywood is FSC certified, meaning that no nasty solvents are used during production. We now also have eco-friendly packaging to further reduce our impact. Pairing these efforts with this new carbon offsetting programme, we believe, makes us unique in our commitment to sustainability.

For more information on C-Free, check out their website:


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