Plywood: How Sustainable?

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Here at noukk, it’s clear that we love plywood. It’s a versatile material that gives our furniture a simple, Scandi look.

What’s more, using plywood furniture in your home can be a great way to boost your green credentials. We love a stylish and sustainable look!

What Do We Mean By ‘Sustainable’?

Sustainable products and services are those which do not harm the environment. At noukk, we take a long-term approach when designing products, ensuring that we provide excellent quality without jeopardising the future of our planet.

Furniture and The Environment

Unfortunately, not all players in the furniture industry have focussed enough on caring for the planet.

This has led to some concerns regarding the environmental impact of ‘fast furniture’ and unsustainable sourcing methods.

‘Fast furniture’ is the mass production of very cheap and often low-quality furniture that does not last long, and is simply thrown away after use. This is exactly what we aim to avoid, offering premium alternatives that will stand the test of time.

The Benefits of Plywood

Plywood is an excellent material for furniture for several reasons.

  • It is very strong. Did you know that plywood is stronger than steel in terms of static bending strength? Such sturdiness leads to furniture that you can rely on.
  • It is durable. This is great because it means your furniture will last a long time and is easy to reuse in many contexts. This is certainly not ‘fast furniture’!
  • It is abundant. Plus there is no disruption to biodiversity when it is felled. This is great for wildlife and our precious forests.

How Noukk Uses Plywood

As well as using eco-friendly materials, our designs place the environment at the centre of what we do. Check out our elegant wooden desk (INTERNAL LINK) and convenient laptop stand

  • All noukk plywood is FSC certified. This means that an ethical manufacturing process is guaranteed, and formaldehyde is not used. Therefore, our plywood is sustainable.
  • Our desk screwless and glueless. This means no extra manufacturing or transportation of adhesives and screws. Easy, simple, and great for the environment.